Wodonga Golf Club Head Professional, Gaving Vearing and Golf Operations assistant, Jenny Garner tend not to expect the unexpected but that is exactly what they received on the day of their Women’s Volkswagen Scramble.

Located fifteen minutes south of Albury in the Northern region of Victoria, a stellar field of 64 ladies played in the event held on Sunday 2 February to great success.

Yet it was the unlikely addition of four sisters and two sets of twins that took organisers by surprise.

“We had an open day on the Sunday and had over one hundred people play, it was fantastic. Having the four sister’s play with each other and two sets of twins was pretty remarkable,” said Vearing.

The four sisters, Margaret Osment, Elizabeth Jackman, Jane Boland and Judith McLean (as seen above) don’t team up regularly. The February event was the first time they had played together in a Scramble.

“We live too far apart. Judy and I often attend each other’s events. Marg was living in France for six years and has only recently returned permanently to Perth.  However we are planning to all go to the Vic Golf Autumn tournament in Horsham in April,” said Boland.

“I was reading our golf program book and noticed the event was due (postponed from November last year). So I asked the golf sisters and they were in like Flynn!”

Inspired by their father to play golf, the four sisters are committed to the pursuit of getting through to the Championship Final which is held on the naturally refreshing Sunshine Coast in May.

“I love the format. Liz and her team from Horsham have competed in the state finals twice. I love to play with my friends in the Scramble but my dream would be to win with my sisters. Dad would have loved it,” Boland added.

When Boland isn’t playing golf she is watching the careers of Australia’s top golfers as they ply their trade worldwide.

“I followed (the late) Jarrod Lyle because he came from Shepparton and married my friend’s daughter Bri. I’m also very interested in Zach Murray who just played in Mexico and this week will be defending his title in New Zealand.”

The sisters had great potential, with each bringing their own strength to the team. Jackman had the lowest handicap and McLean is the most reliable chipper, however McLean and Boland are known for hitting the straightest shots.

Like many teams, they even got matching outfits for the event.

“To simplify matters, I went to the Millers store where I knew I could get the same tops in several sizes. I took a gamble that the girls would like my choice, which they did,” said Boland.

Unfortunately the sisters weren’t able to bridge the gap from the top place getters and finished a respectable 12th position on a net score of 66.9.

“Gavin Vearing is our pro and so willing to make everyone welcome. Jenny, his assistant was very helpful and I thank her for her tolerance, she added.