When presented with the opportunity to give further recognition to Heidelberg Golf Club’s charity event, the Dogga Cup, Head Professional Luke Young had the perfect idea.

Combine it with a Volkswagen Scramble.

As a longtime supporter of the Scramble, Young knew just how beneficial linking the two Ambrose events could be and quickly set about making plans with Heidelberg Member Glen Nolan.

“Glen lost his brother Col, nicknamed Dogga, to cancer and started a golf day in his memory,” Young said.

“I sat with Glen and proposed we link the events and make it a nationally recognized PGA Pro-Am event.”

Glen was excited to join forces with the Volkswagen Scramble to amplify the annual Dogga Cup and raise further funds for the charity Challenge, a not-for-profit organisation that provides daily support for children and families living with cancer.

All that was needed was a plan to promote the event.

“We advertised on our Facebook, website page and also sent out an eDM promoting the event to members,” Young said.

“The Facebook and webpages were linked to the Scramble online entry portal and to our supporting dealership Volkswagen Doncaster.”

Doncaster Volkswagen Dealer Principal Gareth Bryant was more than happy to support the day and get involved in such a great initiative.

“It’s a great idea what Luke and Glen have come up with,” Bryant said.

“We placed a Polo Hatchback hole-in-one on the par-3 2nd hole and covered the costs of catering to help players put their discretionary money towards donations.”

A total of 207 players made up the field to record Heidelberg Golf Club’s largest-ever Volkswagen Scramble attendance.

The support of Doncaster Volkswagen and other club partners was invaluable for Young and Nolan who were thrilled with the success of the day.

“We ran a raffle for Challenge on the second hole and Gareth from Doncaster Volkswagen donated a car for a weekend as first prize. I donated a golf bag for second prize, two dozen golf balls for third place prize and lessons with myself for fourth place prize,” Young said.

The Volkswagen Scramble and Dogga Cup raised $3030 for Challenge.

“The winners and members on the day had positive feedback, as it felt like a national event and gave importance to a member’s Ambrose event which is run every year,” Young said.

“The club would like to highlight the fantastic support from Gareth at Doncaster Volkswagen for sponsoring the day, it had a significant positive impact on the success of the event.”