For some, the Volkswagen Scramble has become a lifelong quest to make it to the elusive Championship Final. For others, the pursuit of winning their local qualifying event and gaining access to the Regional Final has been hard enough. 

Amateur Gavin Houston has been playing golf since the mid eighties and Volkswagen Scramble events since the nineties. 

Despite many fruitless attempts over the years since Gavin never gave up hope of one day making the Volkswagen Scramble Regional Final. In 2020, his wait came to an end when just a few weeks ago he and his team won their local qualifying event at Cairns Golf Club. 

The win was capped off with each player having contributed at critical times during the game. 

“On several occasions we appeared dead off the tee but one of us managed to produce a miraculous shot to be in birdie making position and then for one of us to hole the putt,” said Houston.   

“At one point of the round, we managed to birdie holes 13 through to 18 and holes one and two for eight consecutive birdies.

As a memento and to mark the historic win, Gavin is organising to have an inscription on a plaque.

“I’m sure there have been much better rounds played over the years in Scrambles, but for us, we all agreed it was something very special that none of us have been part of previously.” 

Including Gavin the team comprised of Matthew Hughes, Jason Titlow, and Rob Soutar. They finished with a gross total of eleven under par 61 and net total was 52.75.