The Volkswagen Scramble team understands that many of you Scramblers will be stuck at home with little to do over the coming months. As COVID-19 sadly brings golf courses to a close around the country it’s important we look to alternatives to the real thing to maintain our touch and sense of belonging to the great game we love. 

As an avid golfer, you probably know that ‘days off’ don’t take a literal meaning. You surely think about golf during your days off. We aren’t interested in taking time off from the game, so here’s some helpful tips in keeping your game in check.

  1. The Net 

If you are serious about keeping your short game in shape, then all you need is a picket or a hat stand, and a hand fishing net sitting on top if it and you’ve got yourself a chipping target to hit into.

  1. The Mat

Along with the net, you’ll need something to hit off of. There are plenty of online golf stores that sell these or you can visit your local Bunnings outlet – while practicing social distancing of course – and purchase a piece of astro turf and you’re set.

  1. The Tarp 

Set up your mat in a safe area that allows a full swing. You can visit your local Bunnings outlet and purchase some timber and create a square frame and attach the tarp. Alternatively, you can use a clothes line, so you can attach the tarp or a bed sheet to the line.