Regional Final qualification

To be read in conjunction with the complete Volkswagen Scramble Conditions of Competition.

Scorer Policy

All Regional Final qualifying teams must provide a non-playing scorer to the Regional Final event.

Penalty for breach of Condition: A half (.5) stroke reduction to the team’s Daily Handicap

Handicapping for a team of five (5)

To determine the net score on the day of the Regional Final and the Volkwagen Scramble Championship Final, the team’s aggregate Daily Handicap is divided by 10: the resulting figure is then subtracted from the team’s score for the Ambrose 18-hole event.

For example:

Team aggregate handicap of 56 is divided by 10 = 5.6

Team scratch score = 70

Net score = 64.4 (70 minus 5.6)

Minimum competition requirement prior to your Regional Final

All players qualifying for the Regional Finals or the Championship Final in the 2018/19 season must have completed a minimum of five (5) eligible, single handicapped competition rounds from 1 August 2018 and prior to 1 March 2019. Handicap checks will be carried out across all levels of the event.

Penalty for breach of Condition: A two (2) stroke penalty will be applied to the team score on the first hole on the score card for every player who has not met the requirements.


A team member may be substituted if he/she is unable to play in the next level of competition. Prior to the next stage of competition, the decision should be made in writing and submitted to your Volkswagen Scramble Coordinator as to whether the substitute will accompany the team to the next stage of the Volkswagen Scramble should they be successful, or whether the original member at Local Event level returns to the team for the next level of competition. If written notification is not submitted prior to the next stage it will be the right of the Substitute player to proceed to the next stage of Competition.

The current GA Handicap of a substituting amateur must be equal to, greater than or up to a maximum of two (2.0) strokes less than the approved GA Handicap (the handicap that was in effect when the team played at the Local Event) of the original team member. For example, if the original team member had a GA Handicap of 12.3 for the Local Event and the substitute’s GA Handicap is 15.7, then the substitute player will use a GA Handicap of 12.3 at the Regional Final to determine their Daily Handicap. If the original player had a GA Handicap of 12.1, and the substitute is off 11.2, then the substitute will use a GA Handicap of 11.2 to determine their Daily Handicap for the Regional Final.

Only two (2) substitutions will be allowed for the duration of the tournament (Note: these two substitutions cannot occur at the same stage of the tournament e.g. the substitution of a Local Event player for a Regional Final and a further substitution following a Regional Final team’s qualification for the Volkswagen Scramble Championship Final is acceptable – the substitution of two Local Event players for a Regional Final is not permitted). More than two substitutions over the duration of the tournament will not be allowed, as the team will no longer have the identity of the team that played at the Local Event. If a team is unable to participate within this rule the next placed team from the previous level will advance in their place. The lowest team GA Handicap from the local or regional level will always apply when substitutes are involved. Females can be substituted by a male (and vice versa) providing that all GA Handicap requirements are met.

At its discretion, the PGA Volkswagen Scramble Rules Committee reserves the right to disallow a substitution of a team member when it is apparent that the substitution is being made to improve the team’s chances of winning and/or not to replace a team member who is unable to play in the next level of competition.

Neutral course requirement

Regional Final teams are required to play on a neutral course, other than the club course which hosted the Local Event. Any variation to this rule will be at the discretion of the PGA Events Division.

Tournament Professional Ineligibility

Members with a Tournament Membership classification are ineligible to participate in Regional Finals. Members with a Vocational Membership classification and who also held a PGA Tour of Australasia Order of Merit ranking between 1 and 100 inclusive (from the previous year’s final OOM and/or the OOM as at 28 February of the current year), are not permitted to participate in the Volkswagen Scramble tournament. The PGA also reserves the right to approve or disapprove any other professional golfer from participating in the Volkswagen Scramble based on their Official World Golf Ranking, other Recognised Worldwide Professional Golf Tour Eligibility, or eligibility on the PGA Tour of Australasia.

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