Lee Hunt achieved a rare trifecta when he hit his first shot of the 2013 Scramble Championship Final.

Hunt, Head Professional at Sydney’s Bankstown Golf Club, became the first person in history to play the event as an amateur, a Touring Professional and a Club Professional.

This year, Bankstown Golf Club held their first Volkswagen Scramble since 2014 thanks to the support of local dealer Noble Volkswagen who join the Scramble following the announcement of Volkswagen signing on as Premier Partner of the PGA of Australia which includes major sponsorship of the Volkswagen Scramble, Australia’s largest and most successful pro-amateur team’s event.

Noble Volkswagen’s support of the event has been great for the Bankstown Golf Club and now will see Hunt eye off another Championship Final appearance with Regional Finals held in March 2019.

Hunt first made the journey to Twin Waters, host of 20 out the last 26 Volkswagen Scramble Championship Finals, as a wide eyed 15-year-old from the country in 1995 and admits the tournament had a significant impact on him.

“I was a member at Clermont (North West of Rockhampton in Queensland) and we didn’t have a Professional at the club,” he recalls.

“We were only a nine hole course so Craig Wallace, who was the Head Professional at Emerald Golf Club about an hour away, came with us to the Regional Final in Townsville.

“It was a six hour drive to get there but it was worth it because we got through to the national final.”

And that’s where Hunt got his first taste of tournament golf

“I’d never seen anything like it,” he says. “I was a kid from the bush and Twin Waters was the most amazing course I’d ever seen.

“Plus it was all set up for a tournament with the signage and all the bits and pieces that go with it. It really affected me.”

Hunt says he is surprised at just how clearly he can still recall the experience.

“It really must have made an impact because I can still remember it 23 years and a lot of golf later,” he said.

“A young Stuart Appleby was one of the Touring Professionals that year and Ian Baker-Finch was the big drawcard.

“It was just so exciting to be a part of. We didn’t make the cut and get to play with a Touring Pro the final day but it was still a great experience.”

Hunt says when he got the call up in 2007 to join the Championship Final as a Touring Professional for the final day he immediately recalled his first trip to the event.

“I’d been on Tour for about a year by then and wasn’t quite as wide eyed as I was the first time around,” he says.